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The School of Esthetics, CBI Champions Beauty Institute logo is written out at the top of the page in brown.
Three different skintones are shown to exemplify a girl in fitzpatrick scale 1-2, a girl in fitzpatrick scale 2-3 and a girl in fitzpatrick scale 4-6.
Champions Beauty Institute, School of esthetics logo in gold.
The School of Esthetics header in golden brown.
  • 546 Clock Hours

  • 28-week program: T/Th nights & Saturdays

  • 6-8 person class size

  • April - November 2024

Vital C, Image skincare products are showcased.
The Milady Esthetics textbook.
The School of Esthetics, Champions Beauty Institute student kit is laid out on a brown massage table, with a towel warmer, wax warmer, steamer, and facial tools.
C.R. Coopers book, The No compromise Black Skincare Guide.
A pink ipad and white apple pencil are in this photo of the esthetics student kit.

10 Certifications earned at 

The School of Esthetics header in golden brown.

More than $10,000 in certifications included in our program.

Tweezers have a volume lash fan, being held near the volume lash set showcasing lash application.

Lash Extensions

This semipermanent service extends one's natural lashes and is a recurring bi-weekly service. 

An esthetician has a silver medical scalpal on a clients cheekbone, while she holds the cheek taut in order to provide a dermaplaning exfoliating service.


This procedure uses a surgical scalpel to exfoliate and reveal a  brighter complexion

Vital C, Image Skincare products are lined up near some oranges.

Multicultural Skincare

Our students learn how to confidently and knowledgebly service melanin rich skin, a scarce topic in standard esthetics. 

A brown girl is relaxing as she gets a facial from a brown esthetician.


Empower others by providing skincare treatments and advice.

A brow brush is brushing through a freshly laid laminated eyebrow.

Brow Lamination & Tint

Groom and shape the the brow hairs in a desired direction and adding color for a defined and polished look.

An esthetician is wiping off the remaining chemical peel product off of a client, as the client is relaxing during her facial.

Chemical Peels

A solution used by professionals to exfoliate skin, improving texture and reducing wrinkles for a refreshed complexion.

An esthetician is providing a sugar hair removal service, with black gloves on near the knee region on her client.

Sugaring & Waxing

Two hair removal techniques that deeply remove hair and offer smooth skin. 

A brown girl is glowing after she was just provided a golden natural glam makeup application.


Learn the the application of cosmetics to enhance facial features, often for special events, photo shoots, or personal grooming.

Student is on the laptop doing work while having a cup of coffee and goalsetting.

Business 101

Professionals learn policies, marketing, finance, and operations, providing a broad understanding of essential business concepts.

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